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Why should you want a single customer view

How does having a single customer view support your company's customer obsessed culture? We’ve broken this down into three areas to inspire you...

Why should you want a single customer view

Having a single customer view is a vital aspect of any business that aspires to be customer-centric. Unfortunately, many companies talk about having a customer-obsessed culture, but the underlying data in their organisation doesn’t allow them to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of their customers. The primary cause of this problem is broken data architecture that doesn’t enable the consolidation of customer data regardless of the customer’s business structure or the company’s sales strategy. Additionally, there are often multiple sources of customer data that are not integrated with the company’s CRM platform or with each other, leading to a fragmented customer experience in all touchpoints with the company.
Having a single customer view can support a customer-obsessed culture by streamlining the company’s approach in three key areas: marketing, sales, and customer service.


How does having a single customer view support your companies customer obsessed culture?


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A single customer view enables the marketing department to consolidate its approach across all channels and provides actionable data to maximise the return on investment of marketing budgets. Secondly, by having improved data quality across the funnel, with a single customer view, companies can ensure the accuracy and completeness of customer data, enabling more effective targeting and personalisation of marketing efforts Finally, a single customer view provides a comprehensive view of the customer’s interactions and behaviours, allowing the marketing team to gain deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviours, enabling more effective and targeted marketing efforts.


Understanding the relationships between customers and any other entities that come under the same parent group, as well as the relationships between customers and different departments within the company, is crucial to creating a sales strategy that maximizes wallet share and strengthens relationships. With a single customer view, companies can create group-level pricing, cross-sell and up-sell products, and leverage the expertise of their customers to improve business performance. Another important factor to consider is that having a single customer view improves sales productivity by enabling sales teams to access all customer-related information in one place, streamlining the sales process and reducing the time and effort required to close deals. Last but by no means least, by providing a more personalized and seamless experience, a single customer view can foster stronger relationships with customers, increasing loyalty and the likelihood of repeat business.

Customer Service

A single customer view provides the customer service department with the ability to spot trends or common problems within a group of companies, allowing for proactive relationship management and issue resolution. It also supports the creation of a plan to maximise product or service usage across a related group of companies, increasing the likelihood of retaining the customer at the end of the contract. Secondly, in spirit of driving an improved Customer satisfaction score a single customer view enables customer service teams to provide a more personalised and proactive experience, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the likelihood of churn, something which can kill business growth if not addressed quickly. Then there is the ability for enhanced problem solving capabilities that come from having a single customer view. With a comprehensive view of the customer’s interactions and history, customer service teams can resolve issues more effectively and efficiently, reducing response times and improving customer experiences all round.
In conclusion, having a single customer view is essential for any business that wants to deliver a seamless and personalised customer experience. By consolidating customer data and enabling a customer-centric approach in marketing, sales, and customer service, companies can better understand their customers and deliver exceptional experiences that drive loyalty and growth. At the same time this single customer view helps your business development efforts better understand the unique approach to take for each new prospective customer enabling a personalised experience for each prospect which sets you apart from your competitors.


Having a single view of the customer is the foundation of successful business operations, enabling companies to understand and meet the unique needs & preferences of each individual in the buying process, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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