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Salesforce Vs Zoho

We feel compelled to address some misconceptions presented recently about Salesforce and the alternative that we are asked about time and again... Zoho CRM.

Salesforce Vs Zoho

We really wish people would look up our business and see what we really do before blindly cold outreaching to us, preaching some drivel about why your product is better than a ‘certain competitor’. It really would save you an inordinate amount of time, we promise you.
However, recently we received a well-intentioned outreach from a respected peer in the CRM industry where we feel compelled to address some misconceptions presented therein about Salesforce and their preferred platform, Zoho CRM.

Salesforce ensures a seamless migration and onboarding experience for all end users and for those working on the back end of the platform

The misconceptions

❌ Misconception 1: Lack of built-In layout rules in Salesforce

Actually, Salesforce’s Page Layouts and Lightning App Builder empower businesses to create intuitive, role-based layouts that go beyond standard features. Flexibility is one of Salesforce’s key strengths!💪🔧

❌ Misconception 2: Salesforce is expensive

The comparison here isn’t quite apples to apples. 🍎🍊 Salesforce offers a range of pricing tiers to suit businesses at all stages, from small startups to global enterprises.  Plus, the ROI realised from a robust, integrated, and customisable CRM like Salesforce is incomparable.💰🚀

❌ Misconception 3: Hectic onboarding and migration

With a host of resources available (Trailhead 🏞️, online communities 🌐, implementation guides 📘, and certified consultants 🎓 etc.), Salesforce ensures a seamless migration and onboarding experience for all end users and for those working on the back end of the platform.

❌ Misconception 4: Salesforce customisation is not straightforward

Sure, Salesforce does offer a high degree of customisation. But that’s because every business is unique! 🦄 With Salesforce, you’re not limited by a one-size-fits-all approach. Your CRM can grow and evolve as you do.  Oh and btw….have you even seen the power of Salesforce’s not-so-new-anymore-feature FLOW!  You know, FLOW, that flexible visual tool that can be used to customise Salesforce in a variety of ways to create custom user interfaces, automate tasks, and even build custom applications with no code?  No?  Shame.🌳➡️🌲



When it comes to an ecosystem of integrated business applications, Salesforce has 5000+ apps on AppExchange, and that’s not even counting the native integrations Salesforce offers. 🌟🚀

We believe that Salesforce, being the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Centre 🏆, stands a class apart due to its scalability, robustness, and innovative features.  With the rise of AI and GPT features already being launched into the Salesforce ecosystem, there is no way you can not consider Salesforce as part of your growth journey.

While Zoho and other CRM solutions serve a purpose, comparing them to Salesforce is a bit like comparing a great local sports team to an Olympic squad – they’re both playing the same game, but at different levels.⚽🌍

We welcome conversations and debates about CRM platforms, as they help all of us make informed decisions. Feel free to reach out if you’re looking to transform your business with Salesforce or simply want to discuss CRM options. 🤝

Remember, the right CRM for your business should not just be about cost but about value, scalability, and customisation to mirror your customer journey! 💎🚀

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